People Who Do stems from an awareness of the importance to move forward. A deep appreciation for those showing up, excelling at their craft, all while creating infectious, creative energy to push others towards their goals at the same time. A breed of people not settling and tenaciously working to accomplish. People Who Do was created to explore those who are after it, discover what's behind their fire, inevitably asking the question, #whatdoyoudo? | Based in NYC, interested in "do-ers" globally. | 



Creative since the 80's, Sara always saw the importance of pursuing creative ideas of any kind. A proponent of those who excel at their craft, someone who thrives off the passion of others, and a freelancing photographer, People Who Do was basically just waiting to happen. People Who Do is her love letter to those who inspire her. We pass energy onto others by pursuing and actively telling our own stories; this project is where she wishes to celebrate that. Sara currently works within the digital creative industries, freelances as a photographer, and can't wait to continue to build the People Who Do portfolio.  

Dedicated to Mikey; someone who always did.