How Logan Cohen Is Leveraging Screen Time To Empower Kids To Do Good Things


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Founder and ceo of kudzoo, a free mobile app that rewards students’ good habits, kindness and academic achievements, talks about why doing is the best way to learn and how it’s able to reveal the best version of yourself.


Logan Cohen

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Co-founder & CEO of KÜDZOO, a mobile app that encourages students to make screen time worth their time by recognizing and rewarding them for good habits, kindness & academic achievements.

People Who Do focuses on those who take action to pursue meaningful work and life passions—why is it important to you to “do”?

“Doing” is the only way to truly learn. To me, the opposite of doing is stagnation. Stagnation of your mind, your business, stagnation of you. When you “do,” doors open, you run into new obstacles to conquer, you grow. Doing leads to progress, and worst case scenario: you fail and you learn. I don’t think I’m being too hyperbolic if I equate doing to breathing. It enables me to continue to thrive and be the best version of myself.

To date, what accomplishments are you most proud of?

I am proud of creating a harmony between what I do for work and who I am as an individual. Once that alignment happened, professional and personal growth flourished. I’m proud of building a purpose-driven, for-profit business. Early on, I was told I had to choose between being profit driven or turning into a nonprofit. Now, we live in a world where corporate social responsibility is expected.  I am grateful each day that I can work with an incredible team to build a company that's business success metrics directly correlate with making an impact in students (over half a million students and growing) lives.

Smartphones can be distracting and are major drivers of the rising depression and anxiety rates in teens. We work to leverage the usage to do good.

What would you say was the initial goal when you started Kudzoo and what determined your decision to start it?

We wanted to build a resource for proactive screen time. Smartphones can be distracting and are major drivers of the rising depression and anxiety rates in teens. We work to leverage the usage to do good. We were determined to start it once we found out that this did not exist yet and students who were soft-launched with were extremely engaged.

How has starting this app and business changed you?

Building KÜDZOO has taught me so many lessons.

I learned that working towards something larger than myself is the greatest motivation there is.

Making an idea a reality always requires perpetual learning. Building a startup constantly humbles you. You’re regularly reminded how much you do not know. Instead of feeling intimidated by this, KÜDZOO has made me not only welcome the unknown, but seek it. That way, I can best position KÜDZOO for future growth.

#1 motivating mantra to get through tough moments.

“Little did I know, something bigger was happening”

What’s your favorite thing you’ve learned so far this year?

It sounds like a given, but you do not get what you do not ask for. This year, I have taken pride in developing confidence while avoiding hubris and directly asking for help, advice or even capital.

What’s your favorite lesson you’ve ever learned?

The map is not the terrain. You can plan all you want, but you learn the most when you execute.

What's one thing you would tell someone who's looking to start their own business?  

Don’t wait. Do it. Launch to learn. Do not mistake this for being unprepared, do you research, but just start. Aim for progress, not perfection.


What's your go-to song to put you in a better mood?

Eight days a week by The Beatles

Who are your heroes and why do you look to them for inspiration?

My father. Not only is he my hero in life, but he’s my hero in business. Growing up, he would share stories from work, I would listen in awe of how he navigated through successes, failures and tough conversations. Now, he’s our CFO at KÜDZOO and I couldn’t pick a better person to build with.

Seneca for his perspective and wisdom.

Patti McCord former Chief Talent Officer at Netflix for her straightforward way of putting people and company culture first.

The students on KÜDZOO. The always find a way to remind me why we started when times get tough.

Don’t wait. Do it. Launch to learn. Do not mistake this for being unprepared, do you research, but just start. Aim for progress, not perfection.

What’s the best piece of advice that you can give someone right now?

It’s okay to sit back and marvel at your life. We are so hard on ourselves, take a moment to appreciate how far you've come while avoiding complacency.

What’s the next goal?

Launching KÜDZOOs next version that includes additional ways for students to earn for kindness, healthy habits, mindfulness and community service. We want to recognize that academic achievements are important, but students are so much more than their GPA.


By "do-ing", you create your own unique legacy. How do you want your legacy to look?

As a knowledge seeker. That I viewed each level of knowledge as a responsibility to give my version back to the world in an effort to make it a better place.

As we celebrate Women's History Month, how do you make your own history within what you do?

I hope to do my small part in helping to leverage the opportunity playing field. I hope that KÜDZOO serves as a tool to activate untapped potential so that students of all backgrounds realize the best version of themselves.

Do you have any female historical or present-day heroines?

RBG. She fought for progress by equipping herself with knowledge as a tool to make real, societal change.

Why do you think as a woman it's important to do what you do and pave the way for other women particularly in business and tech?

I truly believe that you cannot be what you do not see. So many women paved the way for me and my generation to have the opportunities that we do. I hope to do my small part in carrying the progress forward. One of my proudest moments was when a teenage girl approached me after a talk that I gave. She said, “when I used to think of a CEO, I pictured a man in a suit. After meeting you, I believe I can be a CEO one day.”  Representation is everything.  

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