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Friend and incredibly talented photographer, Jacqueline Harriet, is already killing it when it comes to breaking into the competitive photo world in NYC. Even just in her early 20's she's already worked with clients like Nike, Teen Vogue, Urban Outfitters, Refinery29, NYLON and Diane von Furstenberg, allowing her to acquire some major experience in order to keep delivering stunning imagery and (for People Who Do's sake) valuable advice. We hung out one Sunday in New York City's West Village to catch up and talk more about photo goals and f-stops. 


Jacqueline Harriet

Occupations, affiliations, and projects.

Photographer with recent clients including Teen Vogue, Urban Outfitters, Refinery29, NYLON, Nike, and Diane von Furstenberg

“People Who Do” focuses on those who excel at moving forward throughout their passions in life, why is it important to you to “do”?

I feel very passionate about seeing the world and photography has been my way to do so. Whether it be literally through travel, or by putting myself in entirely new environments I might not come across had it not been for an assignment or a photographic curiosity.

Tell me more about why you chose photography. 

I was always very interested in magazines growing up and my Dad had a bunch of free subscriptions. I think eventually it turned into an interest in fashion, and because I couldn’t draw or model…photography felt like the natural route.


You've already made your way into shooting for big clients. Who's your dream client and why?

Vanity Fair! To shoot a portrait for their print issue would be a dream. I grew up admiring Annie Leibovitz’s portraits for their issues, some which are in lavish locations with impeccable styling and then there are those which take place in what seem to be everyday environments. Either way, the images they publish always have a cinematic quality and feel very monumental.

To date, what accomplishments (of any kind) are you most proud of?

Being able to support myself during and post-college with a career solely in photography. 

What's your #1 motivating mantra to get through tough moments?

Every chain of events is meant to be—take rejection with only a grain of salt; keep moving forward.

What’s your favorite thing you’ve learned so far this year?

Set boundaries!

Every chain of events is meant to be — take rejection with only a grain of salt; keep moving forward.

What's your go-to song to put you in a better mood? 

Moth to the Flame by Chairlift

Favorite method for logging any kind of inspiration.

Sending stream of consciousness emails from myself addressed right back to myself…though I hardly ever look at them afterwards! Just sometimes feels good to know it’s written down and has a sort of permanence somewhere.


Top 5 people you would invite to a dinner party.

Stevie Nicks, Joan Didion, Kate Winslet, Richard Linklater and Andrea Arnold.

What’s the best piece of advice that you can give to young photographers?

Don’t define yourself by being “young” but also be willing to do a lot of little gigs as learning experiences and stepping stones to the bigger ones!

3 words that you want to be remembered by.

Hardworking, honest, and humble.

What’s the next goal?

To make more work that creatively satisfies my own interests! And to delve further into cinematography.

By "do-ing", you create your own unique legacy. How do you want your legacy to look/be remembered?

 I hope that my photographs tell a story long after I’m not around and have their own recognizable style!

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