why Nicole Giordano is Refusing to Follow the Same Patterns


The Founder of StartUp FASHION talks more about why she created a space to enable independent designers to grow their businesses their way.



Nicole Giordano

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Founder of StartUp FASHION.


I believe that we only get one chance at life. And the idea of not doing something with that life makes me very sad. The most terrifying concept to me is the idea of looking back on my life and feeling like I didn’t do anything, like I didn’t make the absolute most out of it.

For me, “doing” is not just in a career but also in how I live my life day-to-day. I have the mindset that a life without travel, without constant learning, without challenging myself, and without pushing past comfort and ease, is a life wasted.


Tell me more about why it was important for you to create StartUp Fashion?

Well, there are a couple answers to this. First, I knew that there was a world of makers in the fashion space that didn’t feel understood, supported, or encouraged to go after their goals. I knew that these designers wanted to build fashion business in a way that complemented their lives as well as feel like they are a part of the industry even if they weren’t living in NYC planning their next runway show. I also knew that all those stuffy, outdated, exclusive rules that applied to the traditional fashion industry were just not going to work for them. So, it was important for me to build a space that helped these driven people reach their goals in an industry that was ignoring them. The other answer is that I knew what I wanted for my own life—constant travel, flexibility, and being in


control of my own time. So it was important for me to take my talents, my expertise, and my business goals and apply them to my life goals. I thought about who I was trying to help, why is was so important, and how I could make StartUp FASHION both helpful to a global community as well as complementary to the life I wanted to live.

I’m in complete control of creating the life that I want and the second I stop projecting excuses onto outside circumstances, I will be able to make it happen.

To date, what accomplishments are you most proud of?

Building something from absolutely nothing using the money from my own pocket.

Running a business with my life partner (I could not do this without him) and actually enjoying that dynamic!  

Making a decision on what I wanted my life to be and doing everything I could to get myself here.

#1 motivating mantra to get through tough moments.

"You can do this". It’s simple, but amazingly powerful when you say it out loud to yourself.

What’s your favorite thing you’ve learned so far this year?

How to let go. This has been so applicable in life and business this year. From letting go of control over every single area of the business (difficult to do but an absolute must) to letting go of the nerves and worries when I see more and more competitors pop up (even when a concept looks like a mirror image of your own, it’s important to remember that no one does you like you do you).

I just feel like this year has been a lesson in letting go and experiencing the maturity that comes along with that.


What’s your favorite lesson you’ve ever learned?

That I’m in complete control of creating the life that I want, and the second I stop projecting excuses onto outside circumstances, I will be able to make it happen.

Favorite method for logging any kind of inspiration.

Ha! Screenshots. I have so many screenshots saved in my Google photos it’s scary. From inspiration for the home I’m renovating to inspiration for business ideas, the screenshot buttons on my phone are used often!

Top 5 people you would invite to a dinner party.

Michelle Obama, Queen Elizabeth I (Elizabeth Tudor), my two grandmothers whom I never got to know, and maybe Melissa McCarthy to keep me laughing!


What's your go-to song to put you in a better mood?

"Happy" by Pharell.

What’s the best piece of advice that you can give to someone right now? 

Don’t wait to go after what you want, do it now.

3 words that you want to be remembered by.

Encouraging, understanding, fun

What’s the next goal?

I mean…there’s a list. But one for my life is to hit 50 countries visited and one for my business is to come up with three new ways we can help our members grow their businesses.


By "do-ing", you create your own unique legacy. How do you want your legacy to look?

I want to be remembered as someone who encouraged and inspired others to go after their goals and dreams as well as someone who made the absolute most out of her one short life.


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